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    The TORNADO feeding system by Feltre S.r.l. due to its flexibility enables the feeding of hides to various machines; increasing the safety, productivity, and quality.
    The large number of clamps present in the chains circuit allows a slower speed of the chain in relation to other methods of hide manipulation.
    The constant feed speed of the system and the elimination of lost time between one hide and the next allows for a huge increase in productivity compared to traditional systems
    The simple clamping and automatic un-clamping of the hides constitutes a large reduction in the movements and fatigue of operators
    The particular design of the clamps allows for a secure hold of the hides without making holes.
    The workings of the system are controlled by an electric panel equipped with electronic variation of the chain speed
    The Tornado is supplied in various forms:
    TORNADO FLESH :To feed traditional, back to back and continuous fleshing machines
    TORNADO BLUE : To feed wet blue presses
    TORNADO SET : To feed samming and setting machines.