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    THE VIEWER® front-end hide selection device by Feltre S.r.l. allows for the inspection of hides from an optimalposition, thanks to its ergonomic design. The hide, on exiting the primary machine, is conveyed onto the selectionbelt situated at the front with respect to the operatorís position, where it can be viewed completely. During its transferto the carpet below, the operator can touch the hide, examining it point by point, and carry out its selection. THEVIEWER® can be employed in all phases of the tanning process in which it is necessary to view and inspect hides,and can be mounted on Feltre model PAL / L selection lines (new or existing), or can be supplied separately forselection with subsequent manual stacking. The machineís functions are managed through an electrical panel withprogram logic control (PLC) equipped with software, allowing for rapid control and easy-to-use stacking personalizationselectable from 99 programs in memory. The electrical panel, also equipped with a self-diagnostics display for errorsand malfunctions, can be connected to other terminals.