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    TRANSFER® is a hide transferring system with permits the AUTOMATIC movement of piles of hides within the tannery,eliminating the use of forklifts and personnel. Piles of hides are AUTOMATICALLY transferred between successivetannery operations, either to the next operation or even to a staging area.The movement of the hides can be linear or vertical, this permits flexibility and can be applied to numerous applications.Piles of hides can be transferred from staging in upper tannery dead spaces areas, or between machines even stationedon various different heights or levels within the tannery.The TRANSFER® system was studied and developed expressly to optimize productivity even in problematic zones, takeadvantage of all tannery space ( dead space) while preserving agents and hides without altering quality. The functionsof the machine are managed from an electrical panel with a programmablelogical controller (PLC).