• FELTRE Srl, located in Montorso Vicentino (VI), was established 40 years ago, specializing in serving the tanning industry in the industrial district of Arzignano. Over the years, Feltre has developed a broad range of technologies for automating tanning operations. For many years now, Feltre has also been applying its wealth of experience to the treatment And processing of raw hides. In addition, a specific division within the company is dedicated to the development of technologies for the processing of waste materials. We’re at your disposal to provide technical data and a variety of solutions to suit your specific needs.
    With its broad ranging experience in the tanning sector, in recent years Feltre has been lending its services as a consultant in building machinery for the waste management sector. In developing various projects, we have come to realize that our technologies can also be successfully applied to the processing of waste, as this sector presents problems related to corrosive environments, and thus requires a great deal of reliability as well as product customization. Consequently, it has been a natural evolution on our part to enthusiastically embrace this sector and work towards the realization of new projects aimed at improving recycling techniques and overall conditions in working environments.