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    Automated cold storage systems by Feltre S.r.l. are designed to pick, sort and stock raw hides in a cold room environment. The most common applications allow for the reception of hides in crates or on a conveyor belt; the hides are then hooked up and rise as they are transported through the handling system. During their handling the hides can be trimmed/cleaned by operators, and selected based on a variety of parameters (e.g. sex, skinning defects, etc.); the system can also identify the quantity of dung present on each hide.The hides are then moved to the weighing area, where a scale weighs them based on parameters preset by the customer,and subsequently directed towards the proper stocking area in the cold storage room.After their refrigeration period in the cold room,the hides are removed, weighed and unloaded.A variety of automation options can be customized and developed according to each customerís needs. The system is managed by a software with different levels of implementation, and different types of hide clamping mechanisms are available depending on the customerís needs.