• Screw conveyors

    Cold storage

    De-salting machine for raw hides

    Salting machine for raw hides

    Folding machine for raw hides

    Machine to cut the raw hides

    Salt filter

    The Titan is a machine designed to salt raw hides and stack them onto pallets on one or more stations. The hides enter the machine through an incoming conveyor, from which they are transferred to the salting area, and then stacked onto the proper station by a trolley system. The quantity of salt distributed onto the hides, as well as all other machine settings, can be preset on the control panel. Any salt not falling on the hides is recovered and automatically recycled by the system. The Titan is also produced in a SuperTitan version for salting hides and stacking them on the ground over large areas. This machine can be provided with a gantry crane support or equipped with wheels designed to run on rails.