• Screw conveyors

    Cold storage

    De-salting machine for raw hides

    Salting machine for raw hides

    Folding machine for raw hides

    Machine to cut the raw hides

    Salt filter

    The Cometa is a machine designed to de-salt raw hides and transport them to operators.The hides are hooked up to the machine’s clamps
    and transferred to the de-salting area, which features a rotating mill that can be disconnected if not required. Salt removed from the hides falls onto a grid and is conveyed in a rotating screw system that transports it to a container. The hides are then directed to the outgoing table,which is equipped with a weighing system.The Cometa performs one folding operation on each hide,and provides its weight. The Cometa is also produced in a SuperCometa version for de-salting groundsalted hides. This machine can be provided with a gantry crane support or equipped with wheels designed to run on rails.